IT Project Management

Plan, Monitor & Control

IT project management is the process of planning, organizing and delineating responsibility for the completion of an organization’s specific information technology (IT) goals.

What is a typical IT Project?

An IT project can be any sort of project that deals with IT infrastructure, information systems or computer technology. Sometimes this includes software development activities, such as programming a simple mobile app or, on a larger scale, implementing a large scale software system. Some common types of IT projects that we work on include designing an organization’s IT infrastructure, deploying systems and software, or employing IT security measures.

A few common projects that benefit from an experienced IT project leader are:

  • Software development
  • System deployment
  • Change management
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Needs assessment

Our Methodology
The early stages of managing a project within an IT environment involve assessing, prioritizing and planning potential IT projects. This can include helping our clients determine the scope of work and available resources, assigning resources, and setting expectations for project milestones. Throughout the process, our IT project managers are able to coordinate the project workload and workflows, manage the actual work, facilitate communication and collaboration between team members, produce and supervise project deliverables, and help clients measure and monitor project results.
There are several IT project management methodologies used today, and our team is experienced and comfortable finding the process that best suits our client’s needs. For example, the well-known Waterfall methodology employs a sequential, top-down approach to IT project management with the goal of eliminating risk and uncertainty upfront. On the other hand, Agile methodology is a newer process that has grown in popularity with its change-driven approach that gives IT project teams the dynamic ability to quickly adapt to needed changes or course corrections. Since each project management methodology has its advantages, some IT project managers implement more of a hybrid approach with their teams, using the methodology that makes the most sense for the specific IT project being considered.

Is it time to hire an IT Project Manager?
Are your projects typically over budget? Have you missed deadlines? Have you seen your team losing motivation?
If so, you might be missing a critical component that could add to your project’s success: A dedicated project manager. Sometimes, as companies grow and projects get more complex, they may exceed the skill set of developers or other resources. A project manager can help with the following:

  • Determining and setting project objectives
  • Managing scope creep
  • Adhering to timelines – and budget
  • Communicating within the project team
  • Measuring project milestones and success