Weathering the Storm

One Company's Business Continuity Success Story

Hurricane Sandy is known as one of the United States’ most destructive natural disasters. Pummeling the east coast with blustering winds that spanned 900+ miles in diameter, Sandy caused an estimated $50 billion worth of economic losses for businesses in a matter of days.

Our company began preparing for the storm and it’s implications immediately. We confirmed that our systems were ready to be virtualized off-site in the event that our infrastructure became unavailable as a result of the storm – which we knew was likely.

In the event that our partners lost power, we had a backup plan in place. A remote disaster recovery team was sent to our vendor’s east coast data center where technicians established a fully operational, remote extension of technical support.

An open Google Hangout between our remote disaster recovery team, our staff, and our business partners facilitated continuous communication, which allowed tickets to be triaged and supported as fast as possible.

Timing was critical since our industry is heavily involved with the stock market and we needed to ensure business continuity immediately following the event. We are so thankful that we had put a prudent strategy in place years beforehand, to handle this disaster or others that could come our way. It made the difference between weathering the storm, and possibly shutting down business for good.