Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Peace Of Mind

No business expects to be taken offline for days at a time. However – many businesses are one unforeseen event or natural disaster away from completely shutting down business operations, losing valuable productivity and money, because they aren’t prepared with a disaster recovery solution.

Many organizations think that disaster for a business datacenter can only be attributed to a hurricane, flood, or other weather-related or natural disaster. Unfortunately, research proves that most times this is not the case. Internal human errors, bad hardware, and other issues inside the company account for the majority of causes of a datacenter outage. If one of these scenarios happens to you – you may lose more than just your valuable data. You could damage your ability to do business, thereby tarnishing your reputation with your customers and harming your overall brand.

Having a disaster recovery and business continuity plan allows business leaders to breathe easier because they know they can continue serving customers when the unexpected happens.

Tech & Main will work with your IT leaders to plan, prepare, and implement practical IT management practices that will allow your business to remain resilient and available if the worst happens. Our experienced team will work with you to meet any goals you have around protecting your business operations in the face of problematic events. We work with established providers like AT&T and Verizon, and we will help you find the right fit for your organization.

  • Business continuity strategy, design, and roadmaps. We’ll consider your infrastructure and data, as well as talk to your staff and learn about your applications and processes, as we develop plans to synchronize your business continuity program requirements with your IT availability needs.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development. We will work with your internal staff to develop a comprehensive plan to restore key IT infrastructure and critical applications, data, and processes in the event of any disturbances.

  • Disaster Recovery Test Management. Already have a disaster recovery plan in place? Let us put our years of experience to work for you, as we validate your procedures and make suggestions for improvement, taking a view of your overall business continuity strategy.

Every business wants to be resilient – able to remain available and operable even during unfortunate events. It’s critical to maintain key processes, keep data secure, and keep open communications with customers. Let us show you easy it can be.

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