Back Up Services

Safety & Peace of Mind

Smart businesses have backup plans.

Even if you’re a cautious organization, the various problems that could lead to lost data—malware, software bugs, user error, natural disasters, fire, and so on—make backup services a necessity in today’s business climate.

Traditionally, backup strategies have been a challenge for users and IT administrators because they often require expensive hardware and potentially complex storage policies. Today, the cloud has provided several options for backing up your company’s data in a much easier, and cost-effective, manner. That’s a great thing, because businesses are generating more data than ever before.

Cloud backup services for businesses work by providing customers with access to shared, software-defined, virtualized storage infrastructure. Management is based on a customer’s size and demand, changing bandwidth conditions, and security requirements.

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The backup services we offer provide several benefits, such as an easily scalable model, so that as your data grows, your ability to store it does as well. Furthermore, many pay-as-you-go models make these solutions affordable for even small businesses. Lastly, the solutions Tech & Main can offer provide sophisticated backup functionality that quickly and easily automate your company’s backup processes, right down to individual PCs or mobile devices.

As with all of our services, we’ll collaborate with you and listen to your needs. We will take your larger business objectives into consideration prior to making recommendations about solutions. And we’ll bring to the table trusted and established vendors that can meet your needs. That’s not all we bring to the table – we also provide you peace of mind.

Backing up data isn’t simply an optional activity anymore. You need to be able to quickly and easily access all of your business critical information whenever a disaster – whether man-made, natural, or otherwise – occurs. The first step is selecting a vendor that allows you to reach data as soon as you need it. And we can help.

Back up Services


The business case for backup services.